Hello! I’m Pete Ortega and I’ve been playing music for quite a long time now. I tapped out my first drumbeat at 7, tinkled my first ivories at 8, and got my first guitar at 9. At 10 years old, I gave my first public performance playing three instruments. I picked up the bass at about 13 and have been moving forward steadily since. I’ve spent – and still spend – countless hours honing my craft. I simply live to play music. Please take a moment to check out what I have to offer!


AquaRock is my personal blend of yacht, soft, and pop rock. A little more inclusive, I place Bread right next to Steely Dan unapologetically. AquaRock is music by which to relax – close your eyes and imagine sitting in the sun on the beach with a cool breeze blowing. Contact me below and let’s get acquainted!

Celebration Serenades

Celebration Serenades is the perfect, personalized gift for any occasion that involves happiness. Be it a birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation, retirement, or just because! – a Celebration Serenade will create a warm memory that everyone can cherish for years to come! Contact me below and we can start celebrating!


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