Have you ever been interested in learning guitar or bass? Or maybe you’ve been playing for awhile and have hit a plateau? Would you like to take your playing further?

Electric or acoustic, it doesn’t matter. If you have a true hunger to learn, I can help. With over 40 years playing experience, I have already faced many of the challenges of learning these instruments. I can show you how I did it. 

Guitar and bass can seem intimidating at first glance. I’m here to show you how simple it can be. I can teach you what you want to know and show you how it all works together. I can even teach you how to teach yourself. 

It’s very easy to get started. The only requirements are a love of music and a desire to learn. I’ve always felt that if you love music, you can play music. 

Let me help you unlock your musical potential. Contact me below and we can start (or continue) your journey. 

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